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Twine is a revolutionary bioinformatics platform, developed and designed by Bencos Research Solutions. With Twine, we aim to make data analysis more streamlined and biologist-friendly with minimal manual-intervention for a comprehensive and hassle-free omics analysis experience.

Twine is designed to empower researchers to efficiently derive meaningful insights from their biological data, offering automation and assistance in data interpretation using enhanced & sophisticated alogirthms with workflow integration to expedite timelines.

Whats more?

We are now compatible with AWS Cloud platform to give the end user a premium experience that resolves storage and hardware issues at large.

Send us an inquiry and we will fine-twine your requirements as per your liking!

Feature Highlights

Powered by sophisticated and improved AI/ML engineered technology and generated using logical Biological interpretation, Twine offers a simple yet accurate analysis software suite:

Application Compatibility

Feed on raw data from Transcriptome, Whole Genome or Whole Exome Sequencing, it gives you accurate results for a range of applications

Regular Updates

We are on our feet with our one of a kind product, upgrading and updating latest versions combined with innovations that minimise manual intervention

Faster Generation Time

Being hosted on the AWS Cloud Platform, Twine can compute 5X faster than traditional computing systems along with ready to download analysis reports on the go!

Storage Handling

AWS Cloud Storage is an easy and convenient way to lock your data into the Cloud Space for a stimulated period of time. Easy storage, easier withdrawals.

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Ready workflow and pipelines for model and non-model organisms. Reference genomes listed.

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Accurate results and reduced server dependencies. View Benchmark data

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Comptabile for all Biological applications, analyzes transcriptome, WES and WGS data easily.

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Our AWS Cloud partnership allows users to make the most of its storage and scalability at a low cost.


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Cancer Biology

Can accurately analyze data from tumor samples and has been benchmarked for Cancer genomic studies.

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Analyzes data from various plant and animal models using available references.

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Thorough analysis of the microbial population and sub-population is possible using Twine

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Population Genomics

Genomes are analysed at a large scale but at a comprehensively higher speed and accuracy.

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Clinical Genomics

Can analyze and validates large-scale clinical data routinely.

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Cell and Molecular Biology

Rapid analysis of bulk and single cell samples are being set up for ease.

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